the fine art of pooping quietly.


You know what I’m talking about, festival-goer. It’s four days. It’s gonna happen. Just you and a sweltering echoey plastic rectangle of destiny. Stop your fake coughing, there are people waiting out here.

Our work at the youth tent continues as the mystery that it is. I came in not knowing how many to expect with only a handful of flung-together ideas of what to do. By yesterday evening about 40 youth had been by the 15×15 oasis; last night about 20 sat with Shane Claiborne for an hour of conversation.

I’m excited about tonight. It’s the culmination of a lot of work, really. Since January I’ve been working with Brian McLaren (a few emails back and forth; we haven’t been clocking in) on a new youth resource based on his recent book, Naked Spirituality. A primary component of the resource is an introductory survey to be taken by a youth participant that reveals to his or her youth leader which season of spirituality the youth is currently in.

I finished the math on turning the results of the survey into useable information about a month ago and was able to do a trial run with about 40 youth in my community. It worked! So we brought it to the festival. About 25 youth so far have taken the survey and Brian McLaren is coming to the youth tent to debrief the survey with the kids. I feel like a proud father.

The curriculum itself will be out this fall, available at a YouthWorker Circuit near you! Our youth efforts here wrap up tonight and we’ll be headed home a little after lunch tomorrow. It’s been a great first year here at the Goose! Hope to see ya here next time.