The Future of Youth Ministry Buck Rogers Style

Buck Rogers Future of Youth Ministry

So I do not usually write fiction, let alone, sci-fi type fiction, but when Ken at the United Methodist Reporter asked if i would contribute to a special issue of the paper (which is focusing on youth culture & youth ministry issues) I felt honored to do something.

“So what do you want me to write about?”

“Well, something on youth culture.”

Little did Ken know, I for some reason had this curiosity for Buck Rogers that day.. so I had been doing some reading up on the old show & comic series.

“How bout youth ministry in the future.”

“Like 2050?”

“No, like the year 2400…?”


Some time passes

“Cool, can you write that by monday?”

“Probably not, but I’ll try.”

“You sure?”

“Yes, it’d be nice to have something not so serious”

Here’s an excerpt of my futuristic view of youth ministry in the year 2400. published by the

Just then, he receives a ringing in his communications chip. Zahn taps
his head and a visual hologram appears of one of his teenagers, Jessup
(one of the oldest and more active teenagers in the ministry). Jessup
is visibly upset.

Annika, Jessup’s girlfriend from the Saturn
moon Titan, has broken up with him, and Jessup is worried he’ll never
find another person like her in the entire Milky Way galaxy. Jessup is
now convinced he will grow up alone.

Buck Rogers Future of Youth Ministry

My concept for this article is simple.. The tools and trademarks of the culture will change (which was fun to try and imagine), but the human needs & behaviors will not change. As I see, they haven’t changed in thousands of years, they aren’t about to start. Beyond that, anything you read into it is purely your own speculation.

Do not get distracted by all the bells and whistles around youth ministry. Do not get distracted by this site. Seriously! Youth ministry is about meeting human needs in that relational space created by God. I hope we just help you with the ‘stuff’ of ministry so that those spaces can be fuller & richer.