Use UltraText to Promote Your Next Youth Event

Using UltraText for Youth Ministry Communication

Let’s face it, youth are not hanging out on Facebook anymore, so all that time we spend there is probably now just for the parents. But they are spending their time in their phones, texting and sending pictures to each other. So why not promote your next youth event with UltraText. It is a gif creating app that you can use to send via text, or Instagram. I suppose you can use it for SnapChat as well…

Moving on…

1. The app is free, so what is it going to hurt you to check it out. A few minutes of your time to combine a group photo, an crying emoji, and some text saying “we missed you at youth!” Send that off to a youth you haven’t seen in a bit. See what happens.

2. It literally takes seconds to create something. Now creating something that carries that viral flare through the youth group might take a minute or two. I created this particular gif right when I opened the app in less than 30 seconds.

3. Once you create a message gif you can text it to someone, post to Instagram, Facebook, email, Twitter, etc. Looks like you have to do all those sends individually from the app, but no big deal if it gets the youths attention.

4. Do not think you are cool enough to pull something together? Do not make any, instead, tell a few youth some of the info you want and have them make the gifs. They can email them to you and then you can send them out. We think they will actually really enjoy making animated gifs for the youth ministry.

youthworkercircuit ultratext

So, today, tomorrow, go ahead and download the UltraText app. It is not yet in the Android store, but you can submit your email to get updates when it does become available.