Wild Goose Has Begun

Wild Goose Festival

Wild Goose Festivalwild goose has begun.

after waking up around 3.15a, someone i had never met getting in my car for a 9 hour drive, after talking straight for hours, after breathtaking vistas of mountains and the requisite gas and potty stops, we arrived.

the tent is up (no small feat – first time in over ten years of putting up a tent!), running into old friend after old friend, making more new ones, having those awkward “haven’t seen you in a while but i really am only saying hello,” finding all the free drinking water spaces, and utilizing the port-a-john for the first time, its begun.

young, old, hippies, not-hippies, hundreds of people gathered in the main stage field for opening remarks. we all prayed our hopes for our time together, blessing each other with ashes, playing with mud, watching the wind of the spirit whip through the trees. its beautiful seeing such a variety of ages enjoying the early parts of the festival.

i’m sitting under a tree, enjoying my first bug bite that i hope will not be too horrible, overhearing a native american challenging the ways that the colonizers understood christianity and native american spirituality. in the context of christian spirituality, the speaker is sharing a native expression of worship.

if i think my culture way is the only way to express christianity, then i am really limiting myself…the notion i just caught as i type this.

its beautiful.

we all acknowledge that the festival is too monochromatic, but there are so many great voices already.

i only wish more people of all ages and all colors were experiencing this!

here’s to moving with the wind of the spirit!