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Stumbled upon this series of youth ministry lectures at Yale Divinity School today. Some quality youth ministry thinking captured here.

NOTE: It isn’t the biggest of deals, but you might want to skip past the introductions, if you’ve ever been to an academic keynote you will know that the proper etiquette is to give the speaker a robust introduction.

Mark DeVries

Certainly if you’ve been around youth ministry for awhile you’ve heard of or listened to Mark DeVries in some capacity. He’s someone I am privileged to call friend in ministry and life. He has two landmark books for youth ministry, Sustainable Youth Ministry (which is actually a great church ministry book) &  Family Based Youth Ministry. Sustainable Youth Ministry is the newer of the titles and covers a ton of practical advice for the modern church/youth ministry paradigm. Family Based Youth Ministry has been around for over a decade and, in my opinion, is a more appropriate framework for youth ministry in the majority of our churches.

Thomas Troeger

I am not familiar with Thomas Troeger, in part because he isn’t your normal youth ministry educator. He is the professor of Christian communication at Yale Divinity School. He is focusing this talk on crafting messages for youth spiritual formation. He’s a pretty robust writer (some twenty plus books) covering a wide range of topics, but generally circulating around sharing the message of the scriptures.

Chap Clark

Chap is another one that’s been around the youth ministry leadership world for a few decades. He is professor of youth, family and culture at Fuller Theological Seminary and one of the voices behind the Sticky Faith initiatives. Chap has authored a ton of books.

Andrew Root

Andrew is the chair of youth and family ministries at Luther Seminary and, in my opinion, the most in-tune theologian to current youth relationship ministry. Andrew’s call for us in youth ministry is to pull back towards a more relational approach (away from a programmatic approach) to youth ministry and an infusion of more robust theological teaching. Andy has authored a ton of books, which are all awesome (not just my opinion there). In this talk Andy gets into ‘talking about sin’, fun stuff!

Michael Bird

Is the Rector at Christ Church at Bronxville, NY and brings with him the experiences of teaching spiritual practices (habits) to youth while he was an associate over youth and family.

There are a whole bunch of other great nerdy theology and church lectures on the homepage for the Yale Divinity School livestream page. When you have a few hours they would definitely be worth checking out.